How to quit smoking and lose weight?

June 11, 2018 Eddy Challege

Stop smoking now

Quit smoking it is easier to say but not do. Stop smoking because it becomes a habit and kills your organism faster.

Smoking is sometimes associated with weight gain. Smoking is considered to be the most important preventable health dangers. Many studies have indicated that many people who use multiple strategies for quitting are much more likely to quit than those that go it alone. If you are quitting smoking in order to lose weight it will be better to lose weight at first then deal with smoking. After you quit smoking you will feel confident and know that you made one of the wisest decisions of your life. Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things you can do, but it isn’t necessary. The fear of weight gaining is one of the most dreaded consequences of quitting smoking especially among women. In fact the lifestyle changes when you go hand in hand with smoking cessation may be more likely to lose weight.  The idea that quitting cigarettes can help you to lose weight seems unreal until you realize that it is limiting your exercise effectiveness.  The next important thing is that weight  loss and smoking may be that weight loss and smoking can help to reduce boring abdominal fat. While this fat is unsightly it is also dangerous because it surrounds your liver and other important organs. It means that if you are noticing  that you don’t lose weight after quitting smoking your abdominal fat stores may shrink and your body begins to store fat in less noticeable places like under your skin. One of the aspects that smoking influences weight is that smoking is a sedentary activity. If you work whole day and only go away to smoking break, there is no time left for any physical activity during your workday. Although smoking cessation and weight lose aren’t exact partners most people put on 5 to 10 pounds when they quit smoking. Smoking can cause a preventable death. If you are committed to change your behavior quitting smoking is most reliable way to health. About 20 percent of overweight people by quitting smoking maintain weight loss for at last one year. Quitting smoking and losing weight aren’t easy things. Most people try several times before succeeding. We all know that health risks caused by smoking doesn’t make it easier to kick the habit to stop smoking you’ll need to change your behavior and cope with withdrawal symptoms, and find healthier ways to manage your moods. Smoking tobacco is both physical addiction and psychological habit.  If you want to stop smoking successfully you need to address addictions, habits and routines that go with it. You  should have your personal smoking plan and ask some questions to yourself. For example: Are you a heavy smoker? or Are you of a social smoker? , Do you fill the need to smoke after every meal of coffee? Is your cigarette smoking linked to other addictions.?

As a conclusion if you already read this article, you should know that smoking kills your organism and shortens your life. That is why you should avoid smoking and start exercising more to keep your body fit normal and healthy. To quit smoking is easier to say but not do.  You  will fail several times and then may be succeed. So be powerful and start doing it now.


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