BlenderBottle brand ProStak shake and 2 Twist n’ Lock attachable containers



  • QUOTE: “I AM – Amazing, Strong, Beautiful, Happy, Confident, Me, Fearless, Humble, Unique, Ambitious, Hardworking”
  • FEATURES: BlenderBall® whisk inside, convenient carrying loop, ergonomic flip cap and spout, StayOpen™ flip cap, Twist n’ Lock™ system connects jars to cup, and a pill organizer that locks into jar lids
  • INCLUDES: 22-oz. BlenderBottle® brand shaker bottle, 150cc jar, 100cc jar, pill organizer and BlenderBall® wire whisk
  • CONVENIENT AND SAFE: Dishwasher safe, BPA and Phthalate free, and leak proof. Great sports bottle for on the go with attachable jars that can be used with or without the BlenderBottle® ProStak® shaker cup
  • NOTE: Bottles hold the specified amount of liquid when filled to the cup brim. For aesthetic reasons, the measurement markings end sooner. For example, the 22-oz. bottle has markings up to 16-oz., even though the full capacity is still 22-oz.


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